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How to bet the Milwaukee Bucks Point Spread

Betting the against the spread is easy! Let's imagine is a -3.5 home favorite tonight. The number, -3.5, means the needs to win the game by four points to win your bet. If their opponent who is a +3.5 away underdog either wins the game or loses by three points or fewer, your bet would lose.

How to bet the Milwaukee Bucks Moneyline

Betting the moneyline means you expect the will win the game outright. Using the example above, if is a -3.5 point favorite, their moneyline odds would be -155 and their opponent would be +135.

This means you would have to bet $155 on to win $100. If you wanted to bet against the , you would win $135 if you bet $100 on their opponent.

How to bet the Over/Under (Total)

Another popular bet to make is the game total. Let's imagine the are playing tonight and the total is 217.5 points. You can simply bet over 217.5 points or under 217.5 points. So if you think  will shoot lights out, you'd need 218 total points scored to win your bet. If you think the will have a bad night, you'd need both teams to score 217 points or less.